Dream Cyaian

Making Fantasy Alife

She’s My Boyfriend

(Mild Adult Content)

I wish that I was born a girl.”

That was the last words I spoke to myself yesterday, before a meteor shower. People said that making a wish before a shooting star can have your wish granted. Moreover, if you make a wish before a meteor shower as there are plenty of shooting stars, your wish will be granted way beyond effective.

I had awoken but still laying on my comfortable bed, trying to reach for my smartphone… it wasn’t there. I opened my eyes… What? This is not my own room; whose room was it anyway?

I rose slowly from my bed… omigosh! A girl’s pyjamas? My hair – long and unkempt. As I was about to raise my hand to swept my hair, I quickly realised how fair and slender my hand was. As my hand touched my face, I could feel the smoothness of my own skin. I saw a mirror on a wardrobe and I moved to look at myself – a pretty girl glancing at me from the mirror. What the… I’m her, Chloe! And she was my crush years ago.

Aghast and speechless, I glanced at the girl before me, or me myself. It did feel like a dream-like experience, having to face such a sudden shock of bodily change. Shooting star could really granted a wish. Now, how would I tell my friends about this strange incident? Should I tell my friends or Chloe’s friends? Being a girl is what I always want, but… how would I live as a girl? I may experience acute pain every month for a week though having able to menstruate is but a miracle of life-giving.

Ah, I should leave tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow and live in the moment; now, I will treasure the present. I smirked. No, it’s not propriety. It’s her body; so, I must respect her. But, now it’s already my body. Heaven had granted my wish and now it belongs to me. Hesitantly raising my hand with slight feelings of blush and sin, I reached for my chest. The sinful feelings disappeared and feelings of warmness and harmony bloomed; soft, squishy and bouncy. Aw, no wonder girls so love it and now I love it.

I opened her wardrobe and glanced at a variety of her outfits. Wow, no wonder girls take so long in dressing, choosing and deciding which outfit to suit their mood. Nevertheless, I just took out a white t-shirt with a floral design and jeans and headed to the bathroom and finished the bath in five minutes. Quick and express, no need wasting time thinking of clothes and linger so long inside the bathroom.

I headed to the college alone, for I didn’t sure which friends should I accompanied with. Since Chloe and I had been studying in the same college, I saw Chloe’s friends, sitting together in the college’s cafeteria. I strode to them, grinning vilely.

Jason!” A rough rigid voice calling to my direction. Why am I being called Jason since I am a girl now? I turned around to see a familiar body, taller than me, his face was not-so-handsome, with glasses which made him looked like a nerd – Jason. No, it was actually Chloe, but in my former body.

Hi, Jason.” I waved to Chloe the way every girl would wave.

You are Jason!” She looked menacing.

I turned to Chloe’s friends and smiled and then turned back to Chloe. “Jason, come with me.” I took her hand and led her to a park not far away, under a shade of a tree.

We need to talk. Chloe.”

She pulled her hand away, giving me a disdainful look. “Why this could have happened?”

Well, I had made a wish, a wish before a shooting star. I wished that I was born a girl and my wish was granted.”

How could you make a wish like that? You pervert!” said Chloe, his brows frowned.

You just never know, I have behaved like that since childhood when I was attracted to a girl’s paper doll and bought it but my mother threw it away. I have a liking to wear girl’s outfit since puberty. This is always what I want to be – a true girl.”

What?” She said as she tried not to roll her eyes.

Then, I looked onto my own chest; I think I have fallen in love with it.”

Jason, please! I want to have my body back.” She spoke as her eyes at the verge of tears.

I’m sorry that my wish has affected you. This shouldn’t have happened, but anyway it has happened. Perhaps there’s a way to reverse it – a wish before the shooting star. But a shooting star is rare, you probably need to wait for a next meteor shower…” I spoke as I took out her purple smartphone, browsing Goggle for ‘meteor shower’. “Yesterday night is the last day for Delta Aquarids… Ah, Perseids! Eleventh to Thirteenth of August, which is about two weeks.”

What? Two weeks?”

Two weeks are just as fast as time flies. No worry. In the meantime, let’s understand more about our private life so that…” I grinned and the next thing I couldn’t see it coming was her tight slap.


It felt burning hot on my left cheek that I covered it my hand, hoping to drain the pain away. I looked around and spotted a few people were watching. They seemed to be disgusted at a man slapping a girl.

You are slapping a girl…” I tried not to speak loudly. “Everyone watching at us now.”

But, I’m the girl!”

No, it’s me. So, please treat me as a girl.”

You…” Her words stopped as she may couldn’t find any words to scoff me. She turned away and was about to leave when I grabbed her hand.


She turned back, her eyes dominating.

How can I live your life? And how can you live my life?”

Her answer was quick and simple. “I don’t care. Just don’t ruin my body.”

I replied, “I will just be myself. You too, OK?”

She said nothing and just walked away as if nothing happened.


Hot shower rained on me and I felt pampered as I rubbed my body inside a mist. A glance at my beautiful slim body before the mirror enchanted me. It did have a feeling like ‘The Birth of Venus’.

Thinking of how she treated me many years ago, ignited a fire of revenge within me. I shot a picture of myself before the mirror and posted to her, tagging it with ‘What a sexy body you have. :3’. Revenge is sweet. At the same time, I was bewitched by her beautiful slim body. A sudden impulse moved my hand to her breast. The impulse. Where did the impulses come from? It’s not from my thought, or is it from the hormone?

Having examined myself, I tested a variety of her clothes and took photos of me with different posing. I realised all he clothes had smooth textures. Then, I threw myself onto Chloe’s bed, laying on my stomach with legs raising up, browsing her photos in her smartphone.

A moment later, my heart jumped as I heard a rough voice shouting. “Jason! Open the door now!” The shouting tuned with the rhythmic bangs on the door.

I hurried to open it.

Jason, what do you think you are doing? Posting a naked picture of me?” Chloe barged in and she began to push me continuously that I stepped backwards since I didn’t have enough strength to resist her push; she had the strength of a young man. Then, I stumbled on a sofa behind and she pushed me forcefully that made me sit on the sofa with a thud.

That’s for what you treated me years ago. You deserve it.”

Then, she raised a fist and stopped abruptly, she turned to look at her fist and grimaced as if wondering why she did that.

I stood slowly from the sofa. “It’s the hormone. Can you feel it?”

She suddenly threw her look toward me. “Jason, don’t do that again!”

It’s my body. I will do anything as I please,” I said, turning my head slightly to avoid her gaze. Then, I began to took a few steps away from her as I spoke, “Treat me well. Otherwise, I will share it in the Wastebook.” As soon as I finished, I grinned and immediately turned my head to see her reaction.

I thought I saw her eyes teary; then, she burst into tears. “Jason, you are not even a man! That’s why I don’t like you!”

Chloe, you self-absorb insecure Xanthippe Medusa!”

Chloe frowned. “Huh?”

Idiot! You never read and lacking knowledge. That’s why you are repulsive and I don’t want you! And you always nag, bother me with titbit kind of things. A person like you deserves no one to love you!”

Tears flowed from her eyes.

Never before I saw her so devastated. Perhaps I had crossed the line. Feeling sorry, I reached for her shoulder, to comfort her. Instead, she pushed my hand and dashed away.

It was normal for a girl to dashed away when devastated. Since Chloe was in a man’s body, dashing away like that made her womanish. Repulsive and disgusting.

Good. Revenge has taken.

With Chloe’s friends, I had my dinner at the town’s famous fast food outlet. The fragrant smell of the food allured me to try it. But, it was too greasy… high in calory. I had to control my desire in order to be fit and slender. I ordered coleslaw and mashed potato instead.

It’s okay sometimes. Just remember to exercise,” said one of Chloe’s friend, and I saw them ordered highly caloric and crispy meal that will make you happy. We all sat together and enjoyed that ‘happy’ meal.

Then, I heard a tight slap.

It came from a pair of couples not far from me. A girl in scanty dress was crying as her boyfriend looking down. His side of the cheek was burning red. The girl then dashed off.

The girl dashed like how Chloe dashed into a boy’s body. That reminded me of her. Maybe it was my fault Chloe so devastated.

I felt bad for making her so devastated. To compensate for that, I posted a sorry message with an animated emoticon. Soon, I posted her a picture of herself dressed beautifully and elegantly (me in Chloe’s body) and she replied with ‘thank you’, ‘u r beautiful’ and she even posted a picture of her handsome style (Chloe in her latest gentlemanly fashion). We were doing this every day. Someday, I bumped into her and told her how beautiful she is and she gifted me her pleasant smile and an appraisal. Why was I doing this? Is it because of the hormone? Perhaps the estrogen could make someone sensible and caring.

I sat with Chloe’s friends chatting at the café. Then, I unknowingly raised my head and saw her walking and laughing with my friends. At that moment, she turned her head to me, smiling; I smiled in return.

Chloe, isn’t that your ex?” said one of Chloe’s friend. “He never smiles to you.”

Ern. He’s really a good guy.”

You never said like this in the past.”

Well, he does change a lot. He really cares about me.”

Eventually, we began to go shopping in a group together, having a group party luncheon together. We had many chances to talk, laugh and dine together. Chloe was so indulger until she seemed to forget about the meteor shower. I did not.

One day, after the group meal, I texted Chloe. I did not want it to be known.

Chloe, do u still remember the Perseids?”

Perseids? Oh, ya! I forgot about it.”

Tonight is Perseids meteor shower. It’s at 11 pm. Can make wish together at the park the college.”

Once finished, I sent the message to her.

Then, she replied, “Ok, I wait for you at your apartment at 10 pm. 😊

Ok, see you there. 😊

So, she had unknowingly taken the role of a gentleman, waiting for me at my apartment. Whilst I felt strangely gay at the situation. Was it affected by me myself (my mind) or my body (or the hormone) had affected me?

I had started to dress from 9 pm: bathing, selecting clothes, dressing up, combing hair, making up. Why do I even bother to do these tedious kinds of things? Until 10 pm, I even hadn’t finished making up myself. But I do enjoy taking that time to make up. It felt good, actually.

Sorry to keep you waiting, Jason… no… Chloe…”

It’s alright, I understand. I had late many times.”

From there we walk side by side, both hands moving at opposite direction, seemed wanting to entwine one another. Though we never spoke to one another, I felt happy at the sight of his side view. My heart was drumming making me feel warm. The night breeze streamed and I sneezed out. He immediately took out his jacket and put it on me. How gentle of him.

We had reached the park, looking up the night sky with wonder. I took out her smartphone from back-pocket and opened a recently-installed-app, ‘NightSky’ to search for the possible location of the Perseids.

She studied me for some time until she realised something on her phone screen. “What’s this?”

An app to learn about the sky. Now, I am finding for the shooting star location.”

Jason, you are quite intellectual.”

Thanks. Astronomy is one of my favourites.” As I spoke, my view was on the phone, not on her.

I heard people said that a man who loves to see stars is a romantic one.” She smiled as her eyes looked high at the sky.

Upon hearing that, I took my view off the phone without moving my head. Was I that romantic? Then, why would Chloe have left me.

Then, Chloe suddenly shouted, she pointed to the sky. “Look! Shooting stars! Let’s make a wish!”

Both of us closed our eyes, grasping fingers to make a wish. I wished that I would be forever a beautiful girl and I could guess what her wish was: of course, she would want her body back.

I opened my eyes and looked down at myself – I was still a girl. Then, I turned to her – she was still Jason. What was her wish? I couldn’t figure it out.

She gazed at me smiling. “Jason, thank you. I finally understand.” Perhaps, she had understood herself more.

Chloe suddenly took hold of my waist, shocking me. She pulled me toward her manly body so close that I could feel both our hearts beating so wildly. Her eyes looked dominating, making me feeling invulnerable. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder. Her warm peppermint breath intoxicated me.

I love you, Jason,” she said.

I closed my eyes, expecting… her warm lips pressed gently against mine… a warm sweet taste.

I think I know what her wish was… It was not affected by the hormone. It’s…

I love you, Chloe.

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