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No Boyfriend No Problem

“Katy, I don’t have any feeling for you. And please stop bothering me.”

The words were sharp as if it was a knife stabbing her heart, the pain sprang tears from her eyes.

A guy stood before her – Chris, the most handsome guy in the college and every girl’s idol.

“I’m sorry, Katy.” He said as he offered a tissue to Katy.

Katy turned and dashed away, leaving Chris.

She stopped at the beach and sat on a wooden bench. “Am I not deserved to be loved?” As she thought, tears flowed through her soft cheek. Even with the soothing view of the beach, the healing sound of waves and the beautiful orange sunset, her tears still flowed as a dripping dew.

Was her pain too much for her that she had an illusion of a strange growling? She wiped her eyes and browsed around. It was not an illusion, it was real. She gasped and stood.

A large lupine beast, strange and hairy which she had never seen before, standing on its rear legs. The cautious beast stood, growling at her. Seeing Katy was inferior and weaker, the beast death-marked her.

Katy couldn’t move her trembling body.

The beast sprinted, directing its paw to Katy.

Katy tightened her brows suddenly, her grimace changed – realised as if she was struck by an enlightenment. She backed and evaded the beast.

The beast stopped and turned at Katy, its jaw dropped and its growl louder.

Katy positioned her hands in a way that her right hand showing palm upwards, left hand showed a fist positioned downwards. She could felt her heart and her breathing fast. She inhaled slowly and deeper to regulate her breathing, focusing on the beast.

The beast lunged forward, delivering its sharp paw toward Katy.

Katy backed one step, repelling the paw with her right hand as she punched the beast with her left.

The beast shrieked. Drawing brows, it looked at Katy and then launched multiple punches as Katy deflected every punch and at the same time she countered it by punch, fist or elbow.

The beast growled, in pain, in anger.

Katy maintained slow and deep breath as sweat glittered her forehead, and wetted her clothes. The beast is relentless, there’s no way I can survive its attack. She tilted her head behind and aware of a wooden bench and drew her eyebrows close as if she was in deep thought.

The beast charged, spreading out its arms as if wanting to grab Katy.

She ducked suddenly and swept her leg fast under the beast.

The beast stumbled, its head thudded on the wooden bench and fainted.

Fog exploded suddenly, into the surrounding. Katy pulled herself. The night was cold since, with fog forming, the temperature should be colder. But, she couldn’t feel any difference in the temperature. Just her view turned foggy, everything further than fifty feet was no longer visible.

A girl in her twenties came in, her dress was like she’s wearing a purple cosplay outfit and her skin was white as snow. She tugged her violet hair as she strode toward the beast. Her violet eyes displayed loveliness and vivacity as she gazed at the beast. She smirked. “What a clumsy beast. This job so easy.”

The girl chanted an incantation and a gaseous spherical portal formed. Beyond the portal, beautiful landscape of primaeval forest and mountains with the indigo sky mesmerised Katy. In the indigo sky, mythical creatures of dragons, phoenixes flew together in grandeur.

A graceful lady in green hanfu stood beyond the portal. Her face was youthful, her white long hair was tied and her lower body was a long serpentine tail coiled on the ground. She bowed slightly at Katy, smiling and Katy was awed and speechless.

The purple girl turned to Katy. “Help me with that.” Finally, she spoke to Katy.

“…Okay.” Katy hesitantly came and helped the girl carried the fainted beast to the portal. Beyond the portal, the lady in green used her power to carry the beast. With another incantation, the portal vanished into thin air.

“Thank you, dear. My name is Violetia. The lady beyond the portal is Sister Nuwa.”

Katy was in no mood to speak but she chose to. “Katy.” Katy spoke as she examined Violetia and her purple outfit. “Who are you?”

Katy hoarse voice demanded Violetia look at her. Violetia was startled as she spotted Katy’s red and swollen eyes.

“What happened, Katy?”

Katy shook. “He doesn’t want to be with me.”

“Your boyfriend?”

Katy nodded.

Violetia sighed. “It doesn’t matter at all.”

Katy frowned, she couldn’t believe what Violetia had spoken. “It does matter. He’s the one. He’s the best guy I ever meet.”

Violetia rolled her eyes. “There are many guys, better than him!”

Katy clenched her teeth. “No, he’s the best guy! I want him so much!”

Blood rose in Violetia’s head. “Enough, shut up!” Violetia raised her hand and muttered a strange language. Strange light glowed from Violetia’s palm, pacifying Katy and she dropped on the ground.

Violetia dragged Katy to the wooden bench.

Katy opened her eyes, her head dizzy. “What happened?”

Violetia looked at Katy. “I’m sorry. I have to put you down.”

Katy rubbed her forehead. “Oh my God.”

Violetia looked away. “You just haven’t met your significant other. The guy, not your type.”

Katy whispered to herself. “You will pay for this.”

“Huh?” Violetia widened her eyes.


Katy opened in her handbag and noticed her handbag was but a mess. She growled, her eyes looked at Violetia as if she wanted to eat Violetia.

Violetia pursed her lips. “It is alright I stay with you, Katy? For a period of time?”

Katy smirked and turned to Violetia. “You don’t have a home?”

Violetia wandered her view away from Katy. “Actually, I do have a home in Cyaia, a world far from your world. But I don’t have home in this world.”

“Okay, you can stay with me.” Katy led Violetia to her car.

As Violetia hopped in Katy’s car, Katy started the car’s engine. “Violetia, how is your world, Cyaia?” And Violetia started to tell myths of her home world, Cyaia and why she came to Earth. At first, Katy was interested and she interacted by asking, but as Violet’s story was too long, it became boring and Katy was saved from boredom as she reached her apartment.

As Katy led Violetia into her unit, they met some of the apartment’s occupants Katy’s friends who glanced at Violetia. Katy immediately smiled to the occupants by and mentioned about Violetia won a cosplay competition and the passer-by congratulated Violetia.

Upon reaching her room, Katy led Violetia inside and locked it. She glanced Violetia from top to bottom. “You have attracted many attention today. I can’t say you join cosplay competition every day. You better stay here during the day and go out only at night.”

Violetia smiled. “No worry. I have magic to change my appearance.” Violetia chanted some incantation, her white and violet appearance changed to brown and black as a human. She was beautiful even in her human appearance. “See?”

Katy let out a gasp seeing Violetia had become like a human. She felt her head became light and then she fell as how a standing log would fall.


Sun shone behind the clouds as Katy and Violetia walked to the college café for breakfast. Katy spotted Chris was having breakfast with his friends. As Chris was enjoying his meal, he enjoyed too warm greetings from girl classmates who came too.

Katy felt as if she wanted to greet and smile at Chris, but she felt blushed and her legs were heavy. Instead, she led Violetia to order food and paid for both of them and sat at a table adjacent to Chris so that she could enjoy glancing at Chris as well as enjoying her meal.

Violetia gazed at Katy and saw what Katy was seeing. “He must be Chris.”

“Hm-mmph.” Katy was bewitched by Chris and didn’t even bother to look at Violetia.

“He’s quite attractive. No wonder so many girls fall for him, including you.”


Violetia switched back to Katy and was appalled to see Katy grinning. She tilted her head to Katy and whispered, “Katy, although you have a crush on him, you need to control yourself. You will freak him out.”

Katy’s grimace changed and she grinned at Violetia. “Oh, yes. Let’s enjoy the breakfast.”

Even while eating, Katy occasionally glanced at Chris. At some point, Chris noticed Katy and turned to her. Katy smiled and waved her hand to her crush as Violetia rolled her eyes.

Chris and his friends finished their meal, rose and left the café. Katy’s eyes accompany Chris until he lost from her sight.

Katy turned to Violetia. “How come you are not attracted to Chris? Are you straight?”

Violetia grinned. “I do actually like guys too. But, he’s not of my kind of guy.”

Katy frowned. “What do you mean not your kind of guy? Aren’t Chris every girl’s guy?”

Violetia tightened her lips then spoke. “I can tell if he’s a right guy for me. I don’t just have infatuation with any random guy.”

Katy dropped her jaw. “Huh?”

Violetia said, “When I was younger, I had that feeling too. After some time, the feeling disappeared when I realised he wasn’t my type. After all, infatuation is fast to come and fast to go. If you really like someone, the feeling will be different and it will get stronger too.”

Katy raised her eyebrows. “But I do really like him. And I will live my life for him.”

Violetia switched her eyes away from Katy. “Okay.”

Violetia’s eyes away from her and lowered her head. Violetia directed her serious grimace to one direction in a garden some distance away. Something was not right.

“Katy, follow me. Quick!” Violetia hurried toward a faint sound of a roar. A large hairy bear stood on its rear foot, roaring. It swung its long claw.

Katy drew her eyebrows together, her face move slightly forward to see the hairy beast.

“It a magnaursa.” Violetia was calm when she pronounced its name. She chanted a spell to cover the surrounding with a fog.

The fog exploded into the surrounding. The magnaursa browsed around its surrounding. It locked its target at Violetia and accelerated.

Violetia were on the dashing beast’s path. She threw herself out from the charging beast’s path. Her hand broke her fall and was injured. She shrieked.

Katy backed a step away. She lowered herself and swung her leg.

The beast stumbled hard on the ground. The beast rose up. Furiously, it now locked its’ target at Katy.

Katy was trembling, her heart beating fast, yet she presented a calm composure.

The magnaursa swung its hand, Violetia ducked and her legs pulled the beast’s leg. The beast fall on its back, its head hit the ground and fainted.

Violetia widened her eyes and mouth. She paused. Everything happened so fast. She had forgotten her injured hand.

Katy switched her view to Violetia. “Violetia, it’s up to you now.”

“Ow.” Violetia nodded.

She stood and chanted an incantation. Gaseous portal to Cyaia opened. Katy and Violetia dragged the magnaursa into the portal.

Nuwa was beyond the portal received the fainted beast and she examined its body. She nodded at Violetia. Violetia chanted another incantation and the portal closed.

She glanced over to Katy. “Katy, you are so awesome! I don’t know you can fight!”

Katy grinned and winked at Violetia.

“Is there any name for your skill?”

“It’s Jeet Kune Do, created by Bruce Lee. It’s a way of intercepting fist, fighting without fighting.”

Violetia’s palm supported her head as she looked at Katy. “Katy, you are awesome!”

“No, no, I am not,” Katy spoke as her face was pink.

“The more I look at you, the more I feel you are like Sister Chi.”

“Sister Chi? Who?”

“My elder sister. She has skilful arts like you too, her skills were soft and supple.”

“Yes. By the way, I hope I can meet Sister Chi. I want to see her in person.”

“You will have the chance.” Violetia winked her eyes.

Katy and Violetia sat on a bench chatting and they gazed at the college entrance occasionally as if they were waiting for someone.

Chris and his friends strode out from the entrance.

Katy jumped into ecstasy. “He’s so handsome!”

Violetia threw her view away from Katy, smiling.

Katy clasped her hand together and gave Violetia a pity-cat-like look. “Please help me date with Chris. Please… Please…”

Violetia raised her brows. “Why should I?”

“Because I help you defeat to the magnaursa.” Katy smiled as how a cat would smile.

“I never ask you for help. And, just because you help me defeat the beast, doesn’t mean I should help you. It’s just that you should do it for the sake of your planet.”

“The beast escaped from your world to my world. So, it’s your responsibility to capture it back.”

“Alright.” Violetia nodded her head, her eyes looked away. “Now, I will return to Cyaia.” She chanted first few words of her incantation, in a slow rhythm.

“Okay. Okay. I am sorry. It’s my responsibility to keep my own planet safe.” Katy lowered her face.

Violetia stopped her incantation. “Alright. I will help you since you are willing to shoulder responsibility. And that makes you worthy of my help.” Violetia’s grinning face was unnoticed by Katy.

“Thanks, Violetia.”


Katy and Violetia walked into a café where Katy had planned a date with Chris. Katy sat at a table near a window so that she could see Chris coming. Violetia sat at the furthest table at a corner so that she could have a view of Katy’s face and the entrance.

Katy glanced at her white floral dress, her hand took out a mirror to examine her face which had been covered with makeup with tidy brows, eyes with eyeliner and her hair was dyed mahogany. All these were costly, but thanks to Violetia and Katy spend not a single cent on this.

Chris came in. He spotted Katy and walked toward her.

Katy ‘s heart thumped intensely but she hid it. She smiled and waved her hand like how a girl would wave. “Hi, Chris.”

Chris nodded. “Hello, Katy.” His composure was calm, his lips didn’t show any hint of smiling. He sat before Katy.

Chris was clad in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. His handsomeness bewitched Katy. Katy stroked her long black hair as she gleaned at Chris, smiling.

Katy initiated a conversation with Chris which his final words despaired her. Chris waved his hand to the waiter, asked for a bill of two. Once he paid the bill, he wished for her well-being and walked away, leaving Katy alone. Katy took her reddish handbag which rested on her lap, stood slowly, walked out of the café.

“Katy, I don’t have any feelings toward you. Besides, I prefer a beautiful girl but you are not beautiful. It’s just the makeup that makes you beautiful.”

The sharp words shattered Katy’s heart into millions of pieces. Unable to withstand the pain, she burst into tears and dashed out from the café.

Violetia was startled and ran after Katy.

Katy ran to a beach and stopped at a wooden bench. She sat on it and threw her view to the calm blue sea. The salty smell entered into her nostril, cold breeze wiped her flowing tears, sea water swept away her sadness.

Violetia stood several feet looking at Katy from her back, not bothered to be at Katy’s side to comfort her. She knew Katy needed to be alone to comfort herself.

Violetia spotted the wooden bench which Katy was sitting on. The same bench where she had met Katy near there. Probably Katy had come here many times, alone to be comforted by the sea. She raised her face and saw Katy before her. Noticed her swollen eyes, Violetia placed her arms on Katy’s shoulder and guided Katy to the wooden bench to let Katy sit on the bench.

Katy rested her head on Violetia’s shoulder, her eyes closed. She hugged Violetia tightly. “Chris don’t want me again.” Fresh tears flowed as she spoke, muffling her voice.

Violetia whispered. “Is it you not really like Chris?”

Katy frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Since many girls have a crush on him, doesn’t mean you need to have a crush on him. And winning his heart is like showing to everyone that you are like a queen and to get everyone approval. You no need to get approval like that.”

Katy turned her head away as if trying to hide her swollen eyes.

Violetia reached for Katy’s shoulder, then she spoke, “You lack of self- confidence and self-security. You just need people’s approval. There’s no need to wait for people’s approval. You need to know your strength and then you will have confidence. There’s something that the girls who crush of Chris don’t have, they are just a follower and indulger, following trends and indulging in fashion, artists, techs and food. While you thrive in originality. That makes you better than any of them. And Chris is blind in that.”

Tears flowed down her cheek, possibly tears of happiness, of gratitude. She closed her eyes, smiling and hugged Violetia and whispered. “Thank you, Sister Violetia.”

“It’s alright, Sister Katy. We’re sisters.” Violetia smiled and patted on Katy’s back.

“Let’s go back,” Katy said and pulled herself from Violetia’s embrace, seeing Violetia nodded.

The duo walked by a garden path. Bushes rattling suddenly.

A Cyaian jumped from bushes before Katy and Violetia.

The duo ran before the beast, followed it along the path.

The beast’s ear twitched, its’ head glanced behind and stop. Facing the duo, it growled and hit its fists hard.

The duo stopped.

“Let’s do it, Sister Violetia.” Katy readied her fist and palm, facing the beast.

“Alright, Sister Katy.”

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