Dream Cyaian

Making Fantasy Alife

Chapter 2 – A Mystical Lady

After few miles of flying, Chi felt exhausted and her wings got heavier, dragging her down. Her tear-swollen eyes were almost blinded by the risen Sol that she twitched away from the glare and saw below the smudge of green. Her sight was smudged with tears that she wiped it away with her hand; and she saw she had reached a forest. Her stomach growled; she landed near a gigantic pine tree and laid herself low touching the ground. Her knees touched the ground, her hands supporting herself while she struggling to her breath.

Mama… me will save mama,” said Chi, her eyes started to swell with tears.

Then, she felt a warm and gentle hand touched her shoulder.

Dear child, everything will be all right,” said a feminine and caring voice.

Chi opened her eyes and spun to the sound – a lady about half of her height in green hanfu whose beauty was ethereal yet her hair was strangely white and her eyes showed the wisdom of ages. Her warm smile soothed Chi.

Chi threw herself to the lady and hugged her. The lady embraced Chi in return. New tears streaming, she took comfort in a maternal embrace.

Chi pulled herself from the lady. She could smell a soothing floral fragrance around the lady.

Dear child, you are hungry. Let’s share the bread,” said the lady as she took out a loaf of bread.

Thank you, sister. Me have feel better.” Chi smiled and took the bread, delivering it to her mouth.

The lady just smiled, she took out another loaf and hinted Chi to sit.

Both of them sat and enjoyed the bread. Once Chi had finished, the lady saw Chi had felt much better and she was glad that she had comforted Chi.

Dear redragon, what’s your name? Mine is Nuwa.”

Chi took quite some time to concentrate her thoughts on words. “Chi Myst’wing.” Chi switched her view to Nuwa. “Why is sister Nuwa isn’t afraid of a redragon.”

Well, what I see is beyond the skin, into the heart. Redragon truly is a terrifying creature, but I had faced many creatures even worse than redragon. Redragon never cries and I saw you crying. That proved that your nature is not of redragon. What sadden you, Chi?”

Chi took a depth breath. “Igniswing has tribal tradition of hunting every ten years. Didn’t join the hunting, saved a village from another redragon. Even disrespect the God. That enraged the whole tribe and almost got burn. Mama saved me but got caught… now, mama is going to be executed instead.”

Don’t worry, Chi. We will save your mama.”

No… redragons are very strong and ferocious… it’s better Sister Nuwa forget it.”

No, worry Chi,” said Nuwa, “I have confidence in it. I’m much more powerful than them.”

Sister Nuwa, please. It’s a suicide if you go.”

Without any word to convince Chi, Nuwa moved her hands rapidly that gusts of wind whirled around Chi; trees waving their branches and leaves left the branches and swirling in a circular way around Nuwa’s arm. Nuwa opened her palm; from thin air, sparks of yellow entities accumulated on her palm forming a hand-size orb… she hurled it upward the sky which it boomed like fireworks.

Now do you believe me?”

Yes, Sister Nuwa.” Chi smiled, looking more convinced.

The smell of burnt debris entered Chi’s nostril. Chi looked at Nuwa and spotted Nuwa sniffed. Nuwa smelt the debris too that she turned her head to the smell. Both of them glanced their surroundings… and spotted a billowing smoke at a not-so-distant area. With haste, they hurried to the direction: both of them flew, Chi was amazed at how Nuwa could fly without wings.

Nuwa and Chi both of them widened their eyes at the sight of a ruined village which was burnt to ashes, lifeless bodies of werewolves scattered all around the village.

Skywolf’s village,” said Nuwa.


Yes, skywolf, an excellent hunters… they are quite intelligent too.”

They were in agony when they died that their faces showed shock and pain, their wound showed that they were slashed, stabbed and hit by sharp weapons. It was never the work of redragons. If it were redragons’ doing, their wound should have shown bruises, claws ripping and burnt as the redragons methods of killing were fist, claws and fire.

Who did it?” said Chi.

No idea,” said Nuwa, “they died a terrible death. Their face showed that they were in agony. Chi, let’s give them a prayer. So, that they can find peace.”

But, don’t know any prayer.”

Let’s pray for them to receive peace. Follow me and make a wish silently. If it comes from the bottom of your heart, then it works.”

Sure, sister Nuwa.”

Nuwa closed her eyes and grasped her palms, Chi followed ditto. They took some time to make wishes. Soon, the wolves’ bodies disintegrated into sparkling entities, billowing up, slowly dissolving into the air.

Chi opened her eyes and saw all the bodies were gone. With appalled look, she turned to the mysterious lady. “Sister Nuwa, what happened to all the bodies?”

It means that our prayer worked. They have found peace and now they are one with the Mother.”

The Mother?”

The Mother of the Universe.”

From the glisters at Chi’s eyes, she was filled with feelings of happiness and harmony.

Nuwa turned her face to Chi. “Chi, helping others means helping yourself. The joy you feel now is not the same joy that most redragons feel. Your very nature and your physical form are not in harmony. This has causes you much sufferings.”

Chi, let’s save your mama first,” said Nuwa, her head moved in a way beckoning Chi to follow. ‘Then, let’s go to my santuary and I will tell you more.”

Alright, sister Nuwa.” Chi smiled as she walked with Nuwa.

Nuwa’s ears twitched so sudden… and her right hand swept through the air, making the air gusted with force. Something thudded on the ground few feet away. She turned her head and noticed the something was an arrow, made of wood and feathers.

Chi felt dumbfounded as she saw Nuwa raised her hand out of sudden. Chi, of course, heard a whistling sound as something fast glided through the air. When Chi saw Nuwa facing the arrow, only that she realised what had happened and she said, “Who wants to kill Sister Nuwa?”

Nuwa faced Chi. “Chi, from the arrow, it is a hunter’s arrow which was used for hunting purpose. An army’s arrow will has a tip made of metal, this tip was sharpened. Possibly, a villager spotted us and thinks that we had slaughtered his fellow villagers.”

Chi gasped, her eyes widened. “Huh? He thinks we are the killer?”

No worry, Chi. If that villager’s smart, he will not launch another arrow. Because it will be useless. Just let him go. Possibly, he will realise that we are not the killer.”

Chi glanced around to scan for possible hidden place for the attacker. Then, she turned back to Nuwa. “Sister Nuwa, will he possibly follow us and ambush when we are not ready?”

Chi, you think too much. Let’s go to Igniswing and save your mama.”

Chi nodded and both of them flew. Chi flew behind Nuwa. Without Chi to tell the direction, Nuwa seemed to know the direction of Igniswing accurately. It came to Chi that Nuwa may know too well of the area that she nodded. The journey was silent, Chi never ask anything and she just enjoyed the superb panorama of mountains and forests.

Nuwa and Chi finally reached the floating islands. Chi was mesmerised by the majestic view of the islands as this was the first time she sees the islands from below. They flew toward the Igniswing Island and landed on its cliff.

Two redragons stood on the island, guarding; they redragons were surprised to see Chi that they looked each other.

You, again! You still dare return to Igniswing after everything that happened? And now you bring along another Cyaian?”

Me want to save me mama…”

Don’t come and disrespect God Igniswing. Leave now, you two!”

I have come to save Chi’s mother,” said Nuwa with a firm look. “I will not leave without having save her mother.”

What can you do to save her mother?” the redragon said, “our chief will not allow this to happen.”

I challenge you two to a fight,” said Nuwa. “If I win, I have right over you. If I lose…”

We will have right over you,” said the redragon.

Chi was surprised at Nuwa, feeling that she understood well about redragon’s tradition.

We accept your challenge.”

The redragons roared and tensed their spiked body while Nuwa just stood casually. The redragons dashed, directing their punch to Nuwa. In a flash, Nuwa swiped her leg through the air… the redragons thudded on the ground. From their looks, they were surprised how they could ended up on the ground.

The redragons then pulled themselves up and one of them said, “Now you have right over us.”

Nuwa said, “I have no right over you. Just lead us to your chief.”

The redragons hastily obeyed, leading Nuwa and Chi. They followed until they could see the demon-like statue of Igniswing. Many redragons turned to see who have come and all had the same contemptuous look…

Chi passed by the place of her never-happen execution; red-glowing metal pole stood on pile of woods, red chains laid surround the pole.

They reached at an entrance of a cave that look like a dragon’s mouth when view from sky.

Wait here,” said the redragon. One of them entered the dragon’s mouth.

Nuwa turned around and saw bones scattered at everywhere she looked. There was no place free from scattered bones… thousands of Cyaians had been hunted and killed here. still Nuwa looked calm.

The same redragon came out from the entrance.

The chief asked you to enter,” said the redragon.

Nuwa and Chi entered the dragon’s mouth.

It was a stairway leading to the top of the dragon’s head where only the chief and the elders rest; it was also the place where the guest can meet the chief. After some time of climbing, accompanied by flaming dragon head torch, they reached the top of the dragon’s head.

Who dares to seek me?” bellowed Rouge Ti.

I’m Nuwa, chief.”

Ti looked at Nuwa with cool looks and when he looked at Chi, he was shocked to see Chi again.

Chi?” said Ti, “Why did you bother to come back?”

Chi spoke calmly, “Dear chief, me want to take mama away.”

Ti said, “Shut up, you weakling. You are not qualified to speak before me! Get lost, now!”

Nuwa humbly said before Ti. “Dear chief, I challenge you to a fight.”

Ti laughed loudly. “You challenge me? A woman challenges me?”

The elders chucked, shaking their head.

Ti said, “You will never defeat me. Redragons is the strongest creatures on Cyaia and I am the chief! Or you just want to give yourself to me?”

Nuwa said, “If I win, we can take Chi’s mother away. If you win, I’m willing to be your slave.”

Chi turned to Nuwa with wide eyes. How could Nuwa made such condition? Did Nuwa knew what was she talking? Chi knew Nuwa has powerful abilities but she was unconfident if Nuwa could defeat Rouge Ti. If Nuwa loses, then Chi’s fate will be left unknown.

Such an arrogance for a lady,” said Ti, “who do not know her position. So be it, let’s fight!”

Ti rose from his bench and roared. The ground where they stood shook. Chi could felt herself shaking too… but Nuwa remained calm. Ti flew towards Nuwa… but she evaded. Ti spun and delivered his furious fist to Nuwa… she parried it away. Ti got furious, he jumped and presenting his leg for Nuwa, but she just ducked and she grabbed Ti’s another leg and hurled him onto the ground. The elders were shocked. They fought for few round with each round Rouge was overpowered. Rouge just suppress his anger, but rounds of losing fights… Ti couldn’t suppress it any more. His anger peaked that he shouted a thunderous roar. Every Cyaian except Nuwa almost jumped. He charged toward Nuwa with all his might… and stopped suddenly when he saw Nuwa’s palm before his face.

Ti spun and spat in anger. “Aargh! You can have my authority and the tribe!”

Nuwa withdrew her palm. “I have no interest in the authority and the tribe.”

Then, what do you want from me?”

We just wish to bring Chi’s mother away from this tribe,” said Nuwa, “hope that dear chief can allow it.”

Ti said, “Another weak and useless beast. Her well-being is not of our concern anymore!”

Chi frowned her eyes. “What do chief means?”

Ti said, “Your mother had left Igniswing, searching for you. Just after you left, she flew to the direction which you flew. She kept muttering your name even when she was flying.”

Chi looked despaired. “Mama, where are mama?” said Chi softly.

Nuwa’s hand embraced Chi’s shoulder, slowly pulled Chi towards her. “Chi, have faith. Affinity will meet you and your mother.”

Chi nodded as she looked up to Nuwa. Either Nuwa was like her mother or her sister.

Ti was furious at Chi. “You have foul this place again with your weakness! Begone now or you will face Igniswing’s wrath! Begone!”

Sister Nuwa, me gonna find mama. Thanks for Sister Nuwa’s help.”

As Chi finished her words, Nuwa and Chi flew out and left Igniswing.

Sister Nuwa, you seemed to know about redragons’ way of tradition. how did you know about Igniswing? It’s the God of the redragons. And you seem to know about their traditions too.”

That’s because I had met them in the past.”

Chi, the redragon is one of the most fearsome races in Cyaian. Finding your mama’s in a redragon form could be difficult since every Cyaia would avoid of. Besides that, we don’t know your mama’s whereabouts; let’s follow me back to my garden. I will help you getting yourself ready to find your mother. And I will train you to be more powerful. Then, only that you are prepared to find your mother.”

Alright, Sister Nuwa.”

For the whole flight, they were silent. Chi looked down at the patches of green and the burned villager which they happened to be there, Everything looked so small and miniature, gliding away from them; forest, hills, mountains, villages and forests again.

By the time the Sol hung low at the western horizon, Nuwa and Chi reached an entrance a cavernous tunnel. Nuwa turned to Chi and said, “Chi, beyond the cavern is my sanctuary. Come, let’s go.”

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