Eve was born from Adam’s ribs.
A woman’s soul is a-half compared to a man.
Reincarnation as a woman is caused by the heavier karma or flower debt to a man.
Women are considered impure and filthy.
Women cultivated 500 years later than men.
In ancient times, women shouldn’t have the education. In old times of Western mindset, an educated woman is a witch!

All these above are but of the great lies! Such exclamations were made to suppress women and to make them submissive.

In fact, human species of men and women were evolved equally. In the ancient times, the world was ruled by women. In other words, the age of matriarch which was already started when mankind had a civilization until the end of Neolithic Age. The age is also considered the age of peace. The matriarch was in charge of leading the society. Fighting was considered a shameful behaviour. There was no fighting and no war. Until the dawn of the bronze age which means the rise of the age of patriarch and it meant the end of the matriarchal age. But, there are still minor tribes of the matriarchal society left in this world; Mosuo in Yunnan and Sichuan, Minangkabau of West Sumatra, Akan in Ghana, Bribri in Costa Rica, Garo in Meghalaya, Nagovisi in Papua New Guinea, Hopi.

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Mother Goddess of Catal Huyuk










The Neolithic settlement of Catal Huyuk (9000 BC – 7000 BC) was excavated in 1958. The discovery of the settlement was significant that the Neolithic Age was an age of peace as there was no any military artefact found. The discovery of the feminine sculpture strongly proves the city’s religious system. Dated to the Palaeolithic Age, sculptures of female were found in different places in Europe.

In such time, women were considered sacred and closer to nature because of their ability to give birth as to the Earth’s birth-giving ability. Sculptures of the goddess were curved prominently during the age period. The goddess was an idol of the sacred feminine. Goddesses like Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Nuwa, Gaia, Demeter and Artemis were the goddesses of the earth and the moon and were worshipped. The transition in the mindset, religious systems and political structures give rise to the solar gods and heroes such as Gilgamesh, Amen Ra, Zeus, Yahweh, and Apollo.









The ancient sage of China, Laozi had mentioned of a valley goddess as the mysterious female in Dao De Jing. The concept of contemporary Daoist is that men representing the Heaven whilst women representing the Earth and men, of course, are of higher status and more sacred than women. If the contemporary concept is true, why did Laozi even mention of the Mystic Female rather than the Mystic Male or the Mystic Heaven?

Dao De Jing, verses 6:
Valley Spirit that never dies is called Mystic Female, Mystic Female is the root of the Heaven and Earth.

Dao De Jing, verses 61:
The receptive female of the world, The female always overcomes the male with serenity.

The dawn of the age of the Patriarch had invited many social disorders, political unrests and wars. The ways of the matriarch had been replaced by the ways of the patriarch. The ancient knowledge of matriarchy was even suppressed by the political system to prevent a revolution or a comeback. But today, the age of Matriarch is coming back as we can see such changes in today’s society.

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