Dear readers, it’s been quite long since I didn’t post anything.

This short story will be about refugees on the way escaping from the government, found a safe haven. Enjoy.


“It does feel like the whole world rejects us,” Rakhan whispered to himself. He did feel it when he heard the government wanted to cleanse the motherland from all minor ethnics, claiming them to be the terrorists that needed to be get rid of. Everyone from the ethnics including him will be killed unless they do something.

The day of terror came when the government sent the armies to destroy their villages. Men, women, the aged and children; all were killed. Luckily, there were some who managed to escape to warn the others of the massacre, only to face another day of endless agony. The only way to live on is an exodus to another land.

Rakhan’s group stopped to have dinner and rest, having travelled a whole day. Three villagers were selected to watch the night and to prevent the other two from falling asleep. Rakhan was one of them. He was tired and sleepy. The only way to prevent him from falling asleep is to occupy himself but he couldn’t help to worry about the other groups’ fate. They had left their village in different ways to escape from the armies. Probably they had reached the sea by now.

It was a quiet night, except for the sound of fire cracking and his villagers snoring. Rakhan felt his eyes getting heavier and his vision getting blur.

Rakhan thought he hears a voice speaking to him. “Rakhan.” He looked up to see its source only to see nothing but a dark sky. The angelic voice repeated, “Rakhan, you need to inform your fellow villagers not to travel overseas but to follow the sunrise direction.”

“Rakhan! Rakhan!” A voice woke him up.

He wiped his eyes and heard a villager said, “Wake up, after we have breakfast, we will continue our journey. By evening, we can reach the shore and rest there before we depart by sea.”

Rakhan rose and strode to a group of villagers, all of them were having breakfast. He had to speak something in his mind but he knew he wasn’t in a position to speak. Perhaps he could try to voice out.

It took him a long time before he could find the courage to say, “Dear fellow villagers, I had a dream yesterday night and it was a voice asking us not to travel overseas but to move east instead.”

Everyone stopped eating, eyes on Rakhan. It’s either the villagers felt a supernatural being trying to help them or Rakhan was trying to lead them to the armies. Most villagers believed in supernatural beings and they knew such beings have an impact on their life.

But the group leader, an experienced man in his middle age frowned. He stood and walked towards Rakhan, his eyes looked as if Rakhan had just killed someone.

“Rakhan, you are in deep stress. You should take a rest,” said the leader.

“Chief, I had the dream and it feels real. Until now, I still can feel the sharp voice echoing inside me.”

“There are no such things as supernatural beings. I am sure it’s stress that makes you imagining things.”

Rakhan who was older and although he believes in such supernatural, could not utter any word. He could only bend his head down.

The situation now was like in a market. Everyone turned and spoke to one another.

The leader said, “Brothers! Rakhan just imagining things. We will continue westward, to the sea to escape.”

Then, an old villager walked out to be seen and said, “I believe in what Rakhan had said. Supernatural beings do exist. They are trying to help us.”

The leader bit his lips and said, “Such thing never exist. Besides, why do Ralhan only speak of it now? Perhaps, he just had a dream without any meaning at all.”

Everyone there broke into a commotion. There was an argument if Rakhan had dreamt of a supernatural being or just a meaningless dream.

A meaningless dream. Rakhan was speechless. He himself confused too, couldn’t think if his dream is actually a message from a being.

The same voice echoed in his ear. “Rakhan, have faith in me. Please lead everyone eastward.”

The voice instilled faith in his heart. Rakhan had found the courage and he said, “Everyone, please have faith! I feel it’s the God! He wants to lead us to the paradise! Let’s us go together.”

Rakhan’s words of faith and hope received nothing but the words of hurtful truth.

“I just want to believe in the paradise, but this feels impossible! There is no such thing!”

“Be realistic, Rakhan! The only way for us to survive is to travel overseas.”

“Sorry, Rakhan. We will not follow you.”

Rakhan was deeply saddened by his fellow villagers’ words. No words could have ever hurt more than the words from the loved one. However, there were some villagers who were willing to follow Rakhan. And that did comfort him a little, enough to give him the strength to move on.

The leader said, “Alright. Like this. Those who believe the God can follow Rakhan to the east and those who believe travelling overseas is the safest way can follow me.”

Everyone became silence and continued breakfast, discussing and thinking hard to decide whom to follow.

Soon, everyone had finished breakfast and got each belonging. It was obvious which one would follow Rakhan and the one who would follow the group leader. The older villagers who were much more inclined in believing the God and their juniors followed Rakhan and the younger villagers who were less inclined to believe followed the leader.

The non-believers had gone overseas to find a safe haven while Rakhan led his villagers into the jungle led by the voice he heard every single day.

Rakhan’s group had reached a glade in the middle of a jungle. “Finally, we have reached the glade as the God had told me. The God did also mention of a huge rock in the glade.” His eyes locked on the rock as he strode slowly to the rock. He examined the rock and knocked it three times.

Then, a portal slowly animated before the rock. Everyone looked awed into a scenery inside the portal as if it’s being painted in the air. A painting like a forest from an alien world. Everyone could see a beautiful landscape – primaeval bluish green forest, towering mountains, floating islands and indigo sky. The place was truly a paradise – its’ beauty couldn’t be described.

“Brothers. Sisters. Let’s enter into the paradise!”

Everyone took a turn and stepped into the portal. Once everyone had gone into the paradise, only did Rakhan entered.

Everyone who entered was amazed and couldn’t mutter any word. The world was even more beautiful from what they have seen before they entered. The fresh cold air entered their nostril. The air was much cleaner from the air from their own world.

Then, a man in white robe strode towards the villagers, attracting them to look at. The man stopped and said, “Fellow brothers and sisters, welcome to your new home!”

When we face difficulties that seems have no end, no hope, not even the slightest hint of change, we tend to escape ourselves into a fantasy. From our normal logical mind, we feel that the harsh reality will not change but there is really a magic in life. Even a speck of light, love, hope or even faith, it’s enough to make changes and turn the tide of difficulties.